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1 -Wash hair with First Shampoo and let the shampoo sit in hair for 30 minutes before washing out, making sure to massage the shampoo in the scalp every 5 minutes
2 -Wash First Shampoo and blow dry 100%
3 -Shake Bio Anti-Frizz Elements bottle well and pour into bowl, it is recommended to work with measurements
4 -Part the hair into 3 to4 sections
5 -Use an application brush and apply Bio Anti-Frizz Elements solution in small Sections starting from the back by the neck
6 -Comb it through the entire hair, making sure the Bio Anti-Frizz Elements has been equally distributed and the tips of the hair are covered
7 -Apply the Procap/or saran wrap onto the head using heat for 10 minutes with a blow drier or heat lamp
8 -After the Procap has shrunken to head, allow the cap to sit for 20 minutes
9 -After the Procap has shrunken to head, allow the cap to sit for 20 minutes
10 -Begin blow drying the hair 100% using a blow dryer and brush making sure to keep away from the scalp and creating smoke (we don’t want to seal the treatment quite yet)
11 -Once hair is completely dry, part the hair into 3 to 4 sections to prepare for flat ironing
12 -Set flat iron to 450 F or 230 C, if the tips are damaged then lower to 400 F or 200 C
13 -Once entire head are done with the flat iron process wait 15 minutes and rinse hair with cold water for 5 minutes
14 -Rinse the hair with Bio Aftercare Shampoo
15 -Start applying the Moroccan Mask or the bio conditioner onto the hair making sure to distribute the mask or the bio conditioner throughout the hair and combing the hair back
16 -Wait 3 minutes before washing the mask or the bio conditioner out with very cold water to seal the treatment completely
17 -Brush hair and use a blow dryer to dry the hair
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